Oregon ALR Minuets                    September Quarterly Meeting      September 23, 2017


Called to order 12:10 PM by Director Jeff.

Pledge of Allegiance recited.

Prayer recited by Jeff.

Roll Call, those present : Director - Jeff Bogs, Director west – Jerry Perry, Secretary – Bob Highfill, Sgt. At Arms – Bill Carlsen, Post 21, 136, 57, 10, 83, 116, 74, 1, & 44.

Secretary Report not available, Moved by Jerry to dispense with the last meeting minuets, motion seconded and passed.

Treasurers Report :


Condolences: Kathy Kauthmann, Redmond and Charles Upton, Lebanon.


New Business:


Communication and Volunteering – Comments by Jeff.


Motion by Crystal to “Hold a State ROMP.” Second by Jerry. Motion passed.


Flynn volunteered Post 44 Redmond to hold the first gathering. Discussion included dates. Consensus arrived at mid July.


Flynn moved the name to officially be “Oregon State ROMP.” Seconded and passed.


Bill moved to have Albany Post 10 to “Carry on with the Ride for the Alive.” Second by Jerri. Motion passed. Discussion included possibly starting a second ride on the east side, or combining with the ROMP. Charlie will continue to chair.


December meeting. Moved by Bob, “Next meeting date Saturday December 16th.” Seconded and passed. Location: Post 136 Salem.  4774 Lilac Lane NE 12noon.


Good of the order


Sick and injured: Pam and Roger Hubbard went down on Highway 26.


Web Master Steve: Please submit photos and information.


Changes to ALR S.O.P. are under evaluation.


Bob H. clarification on Poker Run menu.


Post 21 McMinnville now has “Totem”.


Respectfully Submitted  Bob Highfill Secretary